Coaching with Fred - FAQ
Coaching is a powerful combination of supportive and challenging conversation, to help you in overcoming today's challenges while growing your capacity to confidently take on even greater challenges tomorrow. Fred's coaching is based on the Co-Active model, with an added hint of "fuck yeah!". This FAQ provides general information to fill in some of the gaps if you're new to coaching or new to working with Fred. For more to find out about how coaching would work specifically for you, please reach out.
Is coaching confidential?
YES. Coaching is a relationship based on trust and safety. Anything discussed is completely confidential. I do not disclose the identity of my clients or topics discussed unless express permission is granted by my client. The only exception is I feel there is imminent risk of harm to anyone or of a crime being committed.
Confidentiality is only required one way. You will be free to discuss any of the contents of your coaching sessions with anyone you wish to.

Is coaching different to therapy?
Yes. Coaching is not medicalized, it is not about diagnosis or treatment. I am not formally trained to provide trauma support, and recommend seeking therapy first if you are dealing significant emotional trauma. Coaching and therapy can complement each other, with therapy often more focused on recovery from past events and coaching more often focused on future planning and the action required to achieve goals. Common coaching themes include identifying a driving sense of purpose, core values, and a vision of the life or career you want, time management and prioritization, and action and accountability to create tangible progress.

Are results guaranteed?
No. Coaching is a partnership between the client and the coach. As a coach my role is to provide perspective, inquiry, challenge, and accountability. The ultimate goal of coaching is for you to not need me. For you to have greater awareness so that you can be at conscious choice in all aspects of your life and work. I cannot take responsibility for your goals, your actions, your results, without disempowering you from your ownership and agency, and from owning all your successes.

What does a coach do that I can't do myself, or with friends or family?
Nothing. But only if you, your friends, or your family are able to be truly objective about you. That is almost never the case. Co-Active coaching is based on the principle that you already have all the knowledge and answers you need to make good decisions and lead a fulfilling life. The trouble is we are so good at self sabotaging, inventing excuses, talking ourselves into negative actions and out of positive ones, that any wisdom we have is often hard to identify as it's buried under so much other crap. The reason why so many successful people have coaches is because humans so rarely have access to this level of objectivity in any other context in our lives.

How many sessions will I need?
How long is a piece of string? You need as much support as you need to find the purpose, achieve the results, change your mindset, or whatever else you're searching for. This is flexible and open to negotiation, but generally I recommend starting with a 7 session package. That consists of one 45 minute foundation session and six 45 minute coaching sessions. Most clients find the coaching sessions can start straight after the foundation session and run approximately every second week. Some clients complete after the initial package, some continue on, some dip in and out as they need.  It's all negotiable dependent on the support that best works for you and how quickly you want to see results.

How do I know if Fred is the right coach for me?
If you rate yourself more than 2 our of 10 on ambition, creativity, and sense of humour, then I expect we'll be a good fit! Reach out and arrange a short consultation so we can meet and chat so I can answer any questions and so we can both confirm we're a good fit for each other. If after we meet you really want a coach but I'm not a good fit for you, I can refer you to colleagues.

How do I book?
Click on the "Book a chat with Fred" button at the bottom of the page. Alternatively you can send me a message and I'll then send a link so you can choose a convenient time for us to meet. My appointment booking app will automatically send you a calendar invite with a meeting link.

How much does coaching cost?
My fees are somewhere between reassuringly expensive and very affordable. I believe coaching should be accessible to all and I will do my best to ensure my fees/discounts reflect that. However, good coaching transforms lives, and businesses, and I'm a fucking awesome coach.

I have a business, can I expense the cost?
YES. Invoices and receipts are issued. All invoices to Canadian clients are inclusive of sales tax and a breakdown of these charges is provided. All invoices are in Canadian dollars. For international clients payment by credit card is suggested. Your card issues statement will show the converted amount for expense purposes.

How do I pay?
For Canadian clients payment by e-transfer is preferred. All invoices include a simple and secure online credit card payment option.

When can I start?
At the time of writing I have no waitlist, so you can start as soon as you're ready. Send me a message!

Do you give away any freebees?
Actually, yes I do. I create an annual fulfilment review and goal setting questionnaire that I highly recommend. FIND IT HERE. Even if we're a significant way through the year it's well worth taking the questionnaire now, it's never to late to have a plan and start taking steps forward. You will also have the option to opt in to my mailing list to receive the next year's planner for free each December.

"My fortnightly 45 minutes with Fred have fast become an integral part of my approach to work and life. Having an objective listener who challenges you to see things from a different perspective is empowering. In exploring how to overcome present obstacles I have learnt more about what makes me tick, and connected with a deeper sense of self than I expected.
If you want to shine a brighter light through the fog that we all navigate on the daily, ask Fred. He’s got the skills!"

- Executive Vice President, LA