Executive & Leadership Coaching
Get your company, your team, yourself, un-stuck from the conscious and unconscious habits and behavior patterns that hold you back.
You know you're capable of so much more.

"My fortnightly 45 minutes with Fred have fast become an integral part of my approach to work and life. Having an objective listener who challenges you to see things from a different perspective is empowering. In exploring how to overcome present obstacles I have learnt more about what makes me tick, and connected with a deeper sense of self than I expected.
If you want to shine a brighter light through the fog that we all navigate on the daily, ask Fred. He’s got the skills!"

- Executive Vice President, LA
Your Coach - Fred Chapman
Hi, My name's Fred. I'm a Co-Active trained coach and a member of the International Coaching Federation. I work 1:1 with corporate and private clients over Zoom or Google Meet. Globally located clients are all welcome.

I aim to create a safe coaching environment that is both supportive and encouraging, and also challenging and uncomfortable. Because growth rarely comes from comfort. I promise to listen fully, to genuinely care, be sensitive to your needs, and be with you through all of life's ups and downs. I also promise to call you out out on any hint of bullshit or self-sabotage, and demand that you aim high and do the work to achieve your goals. I believe in your potential, and I'm here to metaphorically hold your hand and kick your ass to get you there!

  • you're done with mediocrity,
  • you're too busy, but not with the right tasks,
  • you're worried you, or your organization might be missing out on opportunities,
  • you have big ideas or a big vision, but not enough progress being made,
  • there seems to be a lack of alignment between you and your colleagues, direct reports, line manager, or clients,
  • you're sensing time ticking away with not enough to show for it,
  • you just have a general sense that you're capable of more than you're currently achieving, or
  • there are any other challenges getting between you and your success or happiness,
 ...then you've come to the right place! 
I'm also a workshop facilitator, with a passion for experiential learning in a variety of subjects including Leadership, Creativity, Technology, Strategy, Inclusion, Connection and Collaboration. I have several new playful and thought provoking online workshops due for launch later in 2022, and am available to create and facilitate customized talks and workshops to suit your organization's needs.
When not coaching or facilitating I walk-the-talk as head of the "Creature" department for a multi-Oscar winning Visual Effects company. I have over 20 years experience in the film industry, bridging the interface between creativity, technology, and people. I've contributed directly to the motion and design of some of Hollywood's most iconic creatures and characters, and to the software and methodologies that make the creative work possible, with over 40 credits from Harry Potter to Chappie to Ghostbusters: Afterlife and Dune. What I love more than anything though is empowering leaders, organizations, entrepreneurs, artists, and developers to continually push boundaries, work effectively and efficiently, fulfil potential, deliver outstanding results, and do so with balance, humanity, fun, creativity, and purpose.

I have been a client of 2 amazing coaches over the past decade, who have helped me transform my life, career, and business. They indirectly inspired me to embark on over 200 hours of professional coach training, and wholeheartedly embrace my role in supporting growth for my clients. I founded Why Up Professional Development Inc in 2015, to provide technical and leadership training initially for animation, visual effects, and games professionals. Growth Potential Coaching now sits at the heart of the services I offer to this community and wider.

Despite being a world-class procrastinator, I somehow managed to gain a BSc in Marine Biology and Dynamical Oceanography and an MSc in Computer Graphics. I've competed in triathlon age group world championships on both the British and Canadian teams, completed Ironman races in Canada and Australia, and once spent 5 months studying yoga with a 90 year old guru in India (Yes, I could lift myself off the ground with my legs crossed behind my head. No, I definitely can't anymore!).

I live, love, work, play, hike and run trails, ski, grow vegetables, and cook tasty pizzas in beautiful North Vancouver, BC, Canada

"I approached Fred with a vague sense of what I thought I wanted, and no clear direction for how to get there. Within only a few sessions, he helped unpick what really drives me, and opened a few new doors for me to explore. The clarity Fred has already helped uncover has made an immeasurable impact on how I approach what I want out of life -- something that I haven't found elsewhere."
- Compositing Supervisor, Vancouver
"Working with you was definitely a gift! You helped me to put my life in perspective and the difference I see in myself from when I started to where I am right now is huge!"
- 3D Artist, Vancouver